Le Ciel Foundation in partnership with Philips auction house hosted a fundraising art exhibition in London, Paris and New York City in Autumn 2017, where the final auction sale took place. The auction raised $300,000 in aid of Le Ciel Foundation, which supported the realisation of the Council and the Holistic Visions Symposium 2018, as well as allowing us to make community donations of $10,000 to each of the Elders’ communities.

About the Exhibition

Inspired by the beauty of the planet and the wisdom of its people, the exhibition explored the essence of the twelve traditions coming together for the Council of Twelve and Above and captured both Humanity and the Earth’s natural splendour.

Wisdom and Nature raised awareness about the wisdom held by wisdom cultures regarding both society and the environment. Each tradition was  represented through photography and film clips providing an insight into these cultures, as well as a glimpse into ancient ecological wisdom and its mystical relationship with nature.

Alongside this was displayed a collection of 40 contemporary artworks portraying the beauty of the planet, Man’s imprint on Nature and Man and Nature’s relationship to one another.

Renowned artists, galleries and private collectors,generously donated these artworks.

The artists participating in the exhibition included :

Claudia Andujar, Gilles Bensimon, Hugo Burnand, Freddie Child-Villiers, Wu Chi-Tsung, Tinko Czetwertynski, Odyssée Dao, Pierre de Vallombreuse, Anne de Vandière, Alinka Echeverría, Alain Ernoult, Eliane Fattal, Esther Giles, Murray Fredericks, Michael Flomen, Adam Fuss, Justin Brice Guariglia, Caroline Halley des Fontaines, Béatrice Helg, Aranka Israni, Alexander Khimushin, Daniel Kukla, Timo Lieber, Charles March, Denise Milan, Karma Milopp, Cristina Mittermeier, Beth Moon, Ernesto Neto, Sidney Regis, Tamsin Relly, Stuart Rome, Rolf Sachs, Priscilla Telmon, Janaina Tschape,  David Yarrow, and Zuiryu.

Esther Gilles

Gilles Bensimon

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